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Dogpaa: Plant-Based Dog Food

Dogpaa is a pet nutrition startup with a complete range of wholesome and balanced vegan meal solutions for dogs that also taste great. The flagship product is the Dogpaa Vegan Dog Food which comes in five flavours and three formulations (light, regular and senior).

Dogpaa is an ethical brand that only offers vegan dog food as a way forward for pets globally. Read on to know dogpaa plant-based dog food.

Dogpaa Company Statment

Dogs are carnivores by nature they thrive on proteins from animals such as chicken and lamb. Dogs are much more like wolves than cats their DNA shows similarities to their wild cousins to a much higher degree than any other domesticated animal.

We switched to 100% plant-based dog food because we feel that it is our responsibility towards all animals, including those cute little doggies, to eat vegan foods and minimize the impact on this planet.

Benefits of Dogpaa

Dogpaa food is easier to digest dogs need carbs and fibre to maintain digestive health. Meat diets typically contain too much protein without enough vegetables, which can lead to stomach or skin problems due to constipation or other digestive issues. Dogpaa would be better as it contains higher amounts of fibre and less protein than meat.

Dogpaa foods are healthier plant-based foods that promote heart health and cancer prevention in dogs, unlike their meat counterparts that cause inflammation, obesity and diabetes among other diseases. Vegetables also contain antioxidants that help protect against oxidative stress and disease caused by free radicals in the body.

Dogpaa for dogs relies on human resources rather than animal lives. There is no wastage of water or land required for raising animals for slaughter as there are traditional farming methods that produce livestock feed for pet food companies.

Drawbacks Of Dogpaa

Many dogs might not like the taste of vegan dog food.

They might not get important nutrients like taurine, vitamin B12 and L-carnitine from plant sources alone.

Is It Safe To Feed Dogs Dogpaa?

Dogs need protein to survive like the rest of us do. But unlike the rest of us, their food doesn’t come from plants. Dogpaa has always been about finding ways to improve lives for both people and pets. We believe that a plant-based diet will make not just our pets but also the planet happier.

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