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Flint Mints Review: Is Flint Mints Legit Deal?

Flint Mints Review is available to help you decide whether you can trust this company or not, so take a glance at it.

Do you feel that your mouth gets too dry especially when you are on medications or when feeling anxious? We refer this situation as Xerostomia or Cotton Mouth. Have you heard about the trending solution for this problem? ItsFlint mouthwatering Mints as a possible solution.

However, can you verify if Flint Mints is a legit United States-based company? Can you rely on the items it offers? Check out the Flint Mints Review article for answers to all your questions.

What is the Flint Mints Website?

It is harmful and annoying if you have Dry Mouth, which can be caused by medications, anxiety, or many other things. Saliva contains minerals and digestive enzymes that maintain your teeth hard and break down food properly. Consequently, dry mouth over time may result in serious oral health problems.

FlinttsCompany has developed an effective solution in the form of Flints Mints. These Mints are designed to quickly dissolve in your mouth and combat Cotton Mouth. They also give a pleasant electric sensation by making your mouth sparkle.

The real question today is, ‘Is Flint Mints Legit?’ We will answer in this article. Please keep reading.

Specifications of The Flintts.com

URL of the website: www.flintts.com

Category: Mouth-watering mints store

Domain Age: The domain was registered on 30 December 2016, and therefore, it has a domain age of 4 years, eight months, and 29 days.

Email address: hello@flintts.com

Company’s address: 67 West Street, Suite 712, Brooklyn NY 11222, United States

Return, exchange, and refund policy: Flint Mints Review mention here that the company does not offer returns, exchanges, or refund; however, they can send you the corrected order free of charge if your order arrives damaged or if it is not correct; durable items sold can be returned for a full refund.

Shipping and delivery policy: 2-5 business days are used to process and ship the orders; they offer worldwide delivery of their products and provide free shipping on orders in Canada and the US.

Payment methods accepted: Flint Mints Review mentions here that the payment methods accepted are ShopPay, PayPal and GPay.

Social media icons present: The company links their official Instagram handle on the website.

Advantages of the Website

Effective mouth-watering mint solution.

The Products are Sugar-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

Adorable metal-packing (plastic free).

Made from best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

Free shipping on orders over $35 in the US.

Well reputed company with most positive reviews.

HTTPS protocol is detected.

Domain age is over four years.

Disadvantages of the Website

The expiration time for low domains.

The owner’s information is hidden.

Is Flint Mints Legit?

Domain Creation Date: 30/12/2016

Domain Expiration Date: 30/12/2021

Alexa Rank:The website is assigned an Alexa rank of #458,446

Trust Index: 76%

Trust Rank: 85.5/100

No plagiarized content:All the content on the website is unique

Customer Policies:The company has mentioned its policies, terms, and conditions on the website

Social media icons and connections:The company only links its Instagram page, but we could find its Facebook account during our research.

Owner’s information: not revealed

Customer Reviews: Mixed reviews are given on social media.

Customer Reviews

Flintts’ Facebook page has some customer feedbacks and ratings. The overall rating is 4.5 out of 5, which is remarkable.

However, there are also some negative critiques too. One client says that she didn’t enjoy the flavor or feel of the mints and was advised to keep the tablets in her mouth to minimize the sensation. She also said that she thought she’d wasted her money. On the other hand, many consumers lauded the item and suggested it to others.

Even though these feedback reviews on Facebook are somewhat complicated, would you recommend this company? Please express your views in the comment section. Also, please be aware of the dangers of credit card scams.

Final Verdict

The article Flint Mints Review discussed these tasty and satisfying mint tablets that come in a variety of interesting flavors to combat dry mouth.

The product is well received by most users, but it depends on personal tastes and preferences whether you will like it or not. Remember to examine all the information on this site prior to placing an order, and also keep in mind the PayPal Scam information.

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