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Project Hero Trello: The Best Strategy Game You Will Ever Play (June 2022)

Project Hero Trello is like a Roblox  game that is very popular among people. Millions of users are viewing the game. Moreover, we see that the users spend a lot of time on the game. The average session duration is fifteen minutes and forty-six seconds. This means that people are enjoying the game.

In order to play “Project Hero Trello,” you need to sign up. From there, you can access the game board and begin your quest. There are a variety of hunts that need to be completed to progress through the game.

The first quest is to join a team. You can either join an existing team or create your own. There are also quests to recruit new members, add new cards, and create checklists. The game board contains all the essential details regarding the game and the various quests that the users need to play.

Introduce The Game and Its Premise

Project Hero Trello is an upcoming game that will be available on Trello. It is a cooperative game in which players work together to complete various tasks. The game is currently in beta, and anyone can join the test by signing up on the Trello board. In order to play Project Hero Trello user ingests a sample of DNA. Various moves are linked to it, which can help the user. The game is still in development, but those who are interested can sign up for the beta testing.


When it comes to the quirks in which the users can generate ice cold from the right side of their body, one such quirk is known as “half hot half cold.” This quirk allows users to switch between generating ice cold and generating regular body heat by alternating between using their left and right arms. Interestingly, this quirk also includes moves that the users can use to control their opponent’s body temperature. For example, the “frost breath” move will temporarily cool down an opponent’s body, while the “fire breath” move will temporarily raise their body temperature.


It can be used to play with friends or to have a more organized game. The server has a few extra features that the normal game does not have, such as the ability to invite more people and being able to quickly send codes. These strategies make it easier for players to join in on the fun.

One of these strategies is the 2X Exp pass. This pass doubles the amount of experience the player gains for the time they are playing the game. This can help players level up faster and get ahead in the game. The 2X Exp pass is available as an optional purchase in the game’s store.

Series Of Quests

In order to complete the game, users must pass a series of quests.

  • First, players have to work together to clear the roads of neighbours so that they can get to the quests. The quests are mainly aimed at removing the streets of obstacles and enemies.
  • Second, when the users pass this quest, they will have to be part of the second quest that involves enemies. This quest is more complicated than the first one and will require users to fight enemies to progress.
  • Finally, the last quest is the most difficult of all and will require users to solve puzzles and battle enemies to complete it.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of “Project Hero Trello” but don’t want to miss any new updates, you’ll love using Trello to keep track of all the latest news and quests. Trello is a great way to keep track of your progress in the game and see what other players are up to. You can also find hidden codes on Trello that will give you bonus rewards in the game. So why not check out Trello and start tracking your progress today?

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