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What Are Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Guy: If your boyfriend comes across as the classic hero or man the world needs that could make him your Guy.

Honey: If your boyfriend is unbelievably sweet then this will have him stuck with adoration.

Honey Bunny: If your boyfriend is unbelievably sweet and cuddly then he would be a perfect fit as your Honey Bunny.

Handsome: Does your boyfriend remind you of a movie star or otherwise have good looks? Then he is simply and classically Hansome.

Hot Stuff: If you feel like your boyfriend is too hot to handle he definitely qualifies for Hot Stuff.

Hottie: If your boyfriend is so hot he reminds you of the sun. The best name might be straight and to the point he is a hottie.

Hunk: Is your boyfriend good looking, charming, and overall someone most people would call the ‘whole package? He could be your Hunk.

Jellybean: If your boyfriend is always on the move or active jumping from task to task Jellybean can fit that active life.

King: Does your boyfriend make you feel like a Queen or otherwise treat you like royalty? If so, this nickname is a good way to remind him that doing that makes him your king.

Lover Boy: If your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic or showers you with gifts or attention then this will be a good fit.

McDreamy: If your boyfriend is fantastic to the point he makes you feel like you’re living a dream, he is your McDreamy.

Mister: Is your boyfriend classy or high brow? Mister, would be a good way of further showing that maturity and class.

Moonlight: If you have a dark relationship whether that be gothic, horror, or other, the name Moonlight will give a glimmer of light in the darkness.

My Love: If your boyfriend makes you think of everything to do with love and romance, then he is your Love.

My muse: If your boyfriend inspires you to create music, stories, or art this would fit him to a T and show how important he is.

Other Half: Use this if you and your boyfriend do a lot together or often work on projects together.

Prince Charming: if you’re a huge Disney fan, fairytale fan, or otherwise a big daydreamer this nickname will cast a magic spell.

Pumpkin: If your boyfriend makes you feel like a princess all the way to midnight and more, the nickname Pumpkin might be in his future.

Romeo: If your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic or would do absolutely ANYTHING for you, you have yourself a keeper and a Romeo.

Stallion: Is your boyfriend fast or Italian – referring to the Italian Stallian in ‘Rocky’ then you have yourself a winner.

Stud: Does your boyfriend like showing off or just showing off how strong he is? Then he is a Stud.

Stud Muffin: If your boyfriend is strong, likes showing off and is sweet on the inside he is completely your Stud Muffin.

Sugar: Could your boyfriend give you a cavity with how sweet he is? Then, he could be your dose of Sugar you’ve been looking for.

Sugar Bear: If your boyfriend looks big but is actually a big softy he could make a wonderful Sugar Bear.

Sunshine: Does your boyfriend make everything seem better and brighter? If he does, then Sunshine is perfect for him.

Sweety: If being with your boyfriend is like your favorite candy or your favorite dessert, he might be your sweety.

Sweetheart: Does your boyfriend have a loving or kind heart? Then he could definitely be your Sweetheart.

Sweety pie: If there is sweetness baked into everything your boyfriend does then Sweetie Pie could leave a good taste in your mouth.

Tiger: Is your boyfriend dominant or attractively fierce taking charge of situations? A name like Tiger would be perfect for him.

Tough guy: If your boyfriend works out, is a bodybuilder, or is otherwise strong then what’s better than calling him.

Cute Names To Call Your Crush

Love (or lovely): It’ll do with or without a British accent.

Boo: *cue Usher voice*

Booboo Bear: This is for when you just start being nauseatingly in love (IYKYK).

Honey Pot: Aww, and you’re his Winnie the Pooh.

Sugarplum: Because they’re as sweet as candy.

Sweetie: Short and simple.

Sweetheart: Because being with them feels like Valentine’s Day every day.

Baby Boy or Baby Girl: If Beyonce can call her man this, so can you.

Baby Love: For when you’re in an endearing mood.

Boo Thang: Loving them ’90s style.

Cupcake: Who doesn’t love being compared to a tasty dessert?

McDreamy: Oh, you’re def trying to study his anatomy.

Honey Bun: If they’re sweet to the very core.

Love Bug: This will make them spechless.

Muffin: Baked foods seem to be a common theme here and I don’t hate it.

Pumpkin: Why not expand it to all foods? Everyone loves pumpkin pie.

Dumpling: Okay, this is just too cute.

Prince Charming: Because you’ve got a fairy-tale romance, right?

Good-Looking: Hey, it’s the truth

Sunshine: Get it? Because they light up your life.

My Darling: Bonus points if you say it in an exaggerated posh way like “Dahh-ling.”

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