WhereLight Glasses: A New Way to Wear Eyewear

Eyewear has become a competitive market with an increasing number of new brands entering the fray each year. Men, women and even children are all wearing eyeglasses more often than ever before.

WhereLight Glasses help wearers see better in low light by combining their favorite spectacles. It is comfortable and clear view while keeping your eyes safe from harmful UV light. The glasses are also lightweight and perfect for any activity, whether you are working or playing.

This blog post will introduce you to WhereLight Glasses.


WhereLight glasses are a new brand of glasses that help wearers see better in every condition. The glasses use patented technology to adjust the light transmission depending on the environment, which helps to improve vision no matter the lighting conditions.

The glasses are also designed with a unique shape that sits comfortably on the face and helps to reduce eye fatigue. The glasses have a special lens that blocks out glare and makes it easier to see in bright light, in the dark, and even when you are looking at a computer screen.

They are also designed to be comfortable to wear, so you can wear them all day without feeling tired.

WhereLight Glasses Types

WhereLight Glasses comes in four main types of glasses frames.

WhereLight glasses

Full Frame

Frames with a full border are designed to cover the entire lens surface. This style of frame is often referred to as a “full-frame” and is popular among people who want more protection from the sun and wind. Full frame glasses also offer a more sophisticated look than other styles of frames.


Semi-rimless glasses are eyeglasses in which the rims only partially encircle the lenses. This style is often chosen for its fashionable appearance, as it can give a more modern look to a person’s appearance. Additionally, semi-rimless glasses can be more comfortable to wear than traditional eyeglasses, as there is less weight on the bridge of the nose.


Rimless glasses are eyeglasses without any visible frames on the front or sides. They are held in place by a bridge that goes across the top of the head and temples that wrap around the ears. Rimless glasses are popular because they are minimalist and discreet. They can be used for both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses.


Handmade glasses are a type of eyeglasses that are made by hand, as opposed to being manufactured in a factory. They are often seen as a more high-end option, as they are typically more expensive than mass-produced glasses. Handmade glasses are often considered to be of higher quality, as they are made with greater care and attention to detail.


WhereLight Glasses Material

WhereLight glasses are made of a variety of materials, including acetate plastic, metal, titanium and TR90. This allows for a great amount of mix and match potential for the customer. Acetate is a plastic that is often used in eyeglasses because it can be molded into many different shapes. Metal is a popular choice for frames because it is strong and durable. Titanium is also strong and durable, but it is also lightweight. TR90 is a type of plastic that is very flexible and can be bent into many different shapes without breaking. This makes it the perfect material for frames that need to be adjustable.

WhereLight Glasses Unique Features

  • WhereLight glasses lenses are tinted yellow, which helps to reduce eye fatigue and improve contrast.
  • WhereLight glasses can also help to improve contrast and clarity, which can be beneficial for those who have difficulty seeing clearly.
  • WhereLight glasses offers several stylish frame designs with frameless designs to show more of your surroundings.
  • WhereLight glasses come in different filters colors so you can pick the style that best suits your personality and style.
  • WhereLight glasses lets you choose your own prescription and lens type, so you can get the perfect pair of glasses for your eyes.
  • WhereLight glasses frames are designed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for long-term use.
  • WhereLight glasses include a built-in magnifying function that can be used to read small text or view objects up close.

Why Wear WhereLight Glasses?

There are many reasons why one might choose to wear WhereLight glasses. Perhaps the most important reason is that they protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation.

  • UV radiation can cause a variety of problems, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and skin cancer around the eyes. WhereLight glasses reduce the amount of UV radiation that reaches your eyes by up to 98%. They also help improve vision by reducing glare and improving contrast.
  • WhereLight glasses help to increase focus and productivity by blocking out blue light waves from electronic devices and other sources, they can help minimize distractions and allow the user to remain focused on the task at hand.
Handmade glasses

Where To Buy WhereLight Glasses?

You can buy them on the official website wherelight.com or you can find a retailer that sells them. If you choose to buy them on the official website, you can either purchase them outright or sign up for a subscription. If you choose to find a retailer, make sure to check and see if they are an authorized retailer first.

Bottom Line

WhereLight glasses are a great option for people who want to improve their vision. They are also a good choice for people who want to protect their eyes from the sun harmful UV rays. If you are interested in purchasing light glasses, be sure to do your research to find the best pair for you.

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